BES Operation Horror Story 3 – Physical Security Fail

A transmission operator worked in the Energy Control Center for, at least, five years before relocating to the continental US eventually getting certified as a Security Coordinator for one of the five ERO regions.
One day while on vacation he finds a quick break to visit his buddies at his old place of work.
Gets there, door is propped open, walks into the deserted ECC and calls for someone; no answer. Tired of waiting sits down in one of the two unlocked EMS consoles. The phone rings and again no one answers so he decides to pick up; it’s a supervisor closing a work order in a transmission line. Closes the work order step in the line clearance document.

A line voltage hi-limit exceeded alarm appears along its audio indication, after a couple of minutes he acknowledges the alarm.

The transmission operator finally emerges…cooking back in there in the kitchen.

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